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Welcome to HANDYHIRE™

Current availability of hire vehicles in your area may be affected by state lockdown or temporary store closures - please check the table below for current availability.

State Current Availability
ACT Unavailable to book online, Due to Bunnings closing hire shop due to risk of covid.
NSW Available to book online, however we recommend checking with the Bunnings store to ensure they are still hiring.
NT Available to book online
QLD Available to book online
SA Available to book online
TAS Available to book online
VIC Unavailable to book online, please call your local Bunnings store to check to see if they are still hiring.
WA Available to book online


Use our powerful Booking Wizard to find your nearest store and check availability for the dates you want to hire before you join for free.



To complete your HandyHire online booking, please have your driving licence, payment card and mobile phone ready. It should only take a few minutes.



Present your Booking ID and your registered driving licence and credit card to any Bunnings Store Team Member to Pick Up and Drive.

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You can still pop in to store to hire (subject to availability), or book over the phone. We have vehicles at all the following Bunnings stores...

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Vehicles & Rates

We specialise in UTE and VAN hire. Hire for an hour to take a bulky purchase home; a day to help with your move; or long term if you need a cost-effective alternative to purchasing. #THATS_HANDY


$ 25 1st hour
  • All our hires include insurance & taxes; cheaper rates available for longer hires
  • $0.39 per km
  • See full rate card


$ 65 1st day
  • All day hires include insurance, taxes & 100kms; cheaper rates available for longer hires
  • $0.22 per km
  • See full rate card


$ 34 1st hour
  • All our hires include insurance & taxes; cheaper rates available for longer hires
  • $0.39 per km
  • See full rate card


$ 74 1st day
  • All day hires include insurance, taxes & 100kms; cheaper rates available for longer hires
  • $0.22 per km
  • See full rate card


The utility vehicle is a common sight on Australian roads and has been popular for many years owing to the flexibility that it offers drivers. The different accessories available make them ideal for shifting a wide variety of goods over short and long distances. All of our vehicles are 1 tonne (1000kgs), have automatic transmission, run on Unleaded Petrol and are fitted with a range of useful features as standard: 

Front and rear ladder racks
Spanning just under 6 metres our rack system allows you to carry up to 6m lengths with a safety flag. (Please note: all overhead loads are limited by weight to 150kg, but legal limit varies by state law, please check.)

Drop side trays
All Utes have a 1 Tonne (1000kg) carrying capacity and are all fitted with drop down sides making loading and unloading a breeze. The tray size is 2.5m long x 1.8m wide, large enough to carry full sheet materials, FLAT. They also have power steering and air conditioned cabs to make it a comfortable drive for you.

Tow bars
All our utes are fitted with tow bars, allowing you to hook up a trailer and carry a combined load of up to 1 tonne. (We do not allow the towing of horse floats, car trailers, furniture trailers, boats or Jet skis.)


Our 1 tonne (1000kg) vans are a perfect solution for those who need the security a van offers. All our vans are less than 5 years old, have automatic transmission and run on Unleaded Petrol. They come standard with a side access door, air conditioning and power steering. Our fleet consists of Toyota Hiace’s which have an approximate cargo area of 4.3 cubic litre capacity.

Exterior Dimensions
4695mm long
1695 mm wide
1980 mm high

Interior Dimensions
2850 mm long (cargo area)
1520 mm wide – space between wheel arches 1120 mm
1300 mm high

Additional hire charges & conditions of hire

Tolls – A day pass is available at the time of hire for $12.50 which will provide you with unlimited usage of toll roads throughout your hire. If the toll pass option is declined at the start of the rental but toll roads and/or bridges are used during the rental period, the hirer will be charged each toll fee plus an administrative fee of $30 per toll incurred.

Drivers – all drivers must be 21yrs or over and hold a full manual/auto driver’s license. Sorry no ‘L’ or ‘P’ plate licence holders or ‘E’ plates due to insurance purposes.

Deposit – all hires need to pay a deposit on a credit/debit card credit account only on commencement of hire. The Physical copy of the card must be present at time of hire. The credit card holder must be the driver. Standard Deposit 24hr hire or less: $200; longer term hires, interstate or overseas licensc: $500.

Payment of rental charges – estimated rental charges are to be paid on the commencement of hire. If a hirer wishes to extend their hire period, they must contact the place of hire and obtain prior approval to ensure the vehicle is not otherwise booked. The extended period must be paid in advance in order to comply with our terms and conditions of hire and for continued insurance cover.

Fuel – all vehicles must be refuelled to the same level when taken. Eg. hired with full tank – return with full tank. Sighting of your fuel receipt will be requested to ensure vehicle has been refuelled with correct grade of fuel. If hirer does not refuel, additional charges will be incurred.

Additional drivers – our rates are inclusive of one driver. If there will be additional drivers, they must be noted on the hire agreement and a charge of $10 per additional driver per day applies. Should a person other than the noted drivers drive our vehicle, they will not be covered under insurance.

Insurance – all hires include our Standard excess of $4500 this is included on all hires unless Insurance Excess Reduction has been purchased.

Insurance Excess Reduction – the standard excess of $4500 may be reduced by paying an Insurance Excess Reduction fee of $37 per day; for drivers aged 21-25yrs this will reduce the excess to $1500, for drivers 25-75yrs this will reduce the excess to $750, for drivers over 75yrs this will reduce the excess to $1750. The Insurance Excess Reduction charge includes puncture and windscreen cover for the hire period.

Single vehicle incident or impoundment liability – This is an additional $2000 excess that cannot be reduced and relates to where another driver or vehicle can not be identified or where permissible weight loadings have been exceeded or where the vehicle has sustained overhead and/or underbody damage. This excess is also applicable if the vehicle is impounded.

Payment of insurance excess – applies in the event of any damage to our vehicle and/or any accident/incident our vehicle may have been involved in whilst on hire, regardless of fault.

Vehicle condition – all vehicles must be returned in a clean and presentable condition. If the vehicle is returned dirty and/or there is cigarette or unpleasant odours in the cab, a cleaning fee will be charged.

About Handy Rentals

Keeping our fleet up to date with the latest models and providing the widest choice of locations and hire options at the most competitive rates possible is incredibly important to us. But it is our customer service that sets us apart.

We are a family-run business based in Australia, serving Australia. From Day One, we have strived to provide the best possible customer service. 20 years on, we still treat every day and every customer as if they were our first.

Should you need any support using this site or hiring any of our vehicles, please call +61 1800 131 975 and one of the team will be only too happy to help.

The test of good customer service is how a company deals with things when they go wrong.

Handy were exemplary when I had an accident. 

Hiring a vehicle through Handy Rentals was a great experience! Not only is the price very competitive but the process was very efficient. The convenience of being able to access a Handy Ute through my local Bunnings store is fantastic. Thank you.

Very helpful and provided good information over the telephone. Paperwork easy to complete, the store staff advised of the best hire charges to keep costs down.The vehicle provided was near new and in clean condition.